The Spey Forest

More information coming Spring 2022

The Spey Forest is a new major forest restoration initiative. Our goal is to create a network of riparian woodlands and forests along the length of the River Spey and its tributaries – a stream network length of about 36,500km,

Trees provide a wide range of benefits to wildlife and humans. They filter the air we breathe and help reduce the effects of global heating. They create an important habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals, both on land and in lochs and rivers. They filter and trap water, stabilise the landscape and reduce the growing impacts of flooding. Plus they provide an important environment that many people enjoy and cherish. 

Over 6 million native Scottish tree species have been planted or naturally regenerated so far on the Spey, Feshie, Tromie, Truim, Calder and Dulnain. Planting and re-establishing tens of millions of native trees throughout the River Spey catchment is an ambitious target, but one that is achievable if we work together to create a Spey Forest.

The Spey Forest is a golden opportunity for us to come together to make a real difference. 

Together we can help fight climate change whilst improving our landscape, so that wildlife can flourish in our glens and rivers.

– The River Spey Partnership

What is the Spey Forest?

The Spey Forest is a group of landholders, organisations and individuals who share the common desire to create a network of native woodland running along our streams and rivers.

The Spey Forest initiative has a number of key aims:

1. To celebrate all reforestation efforts throughout the Spey Catchment, showcasing landholdings and organisations that are investing in our environment for the benefit of wildlife and future generations.

2. To increase the amount of woodland by supporting and leading on tree planting projects that unlock the huge potential and benefits that woodlands bring to our landscape.

3. To create a comprehensive and connected network of riparian woodland along the River Spey and its tributaries. 

Join us. Become a Spey Forest Partner.

We are currently looking for all landholders and organisations throughout the Spey catchment area to join us and become a Spey Forest Partner. More information about our partners and how to become a Spey Forest partner will be posted here and on our social media channels in Spring 2022.

If you are interested in becoming a Spey Forest Partner or to get the latests information about the Spey Forest initiative please email Paul Hughes at

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